Bamboo Body Brush

Bamboo Body Brush

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Unveil smooth, silky skin with nontre's Bamboo Body Brush! 

Our Circular Brush features a non-slip belt, making it easy to hold in your palm, and soft bristles to massage and smooth skin, increasing circulation, which may improve the appearance of cellulite.

nontre's handy hints for dry body brushing:

Dry brushing removes dead skin cells and dry skin without having to apply heavy pressure. 

Slip the belt over your hand so that you can hold the brush in your palm. 

Always stroke upwards in one movement using light strokes.

Start on one side of your body then move to the other eg. left to right

When you stimulate circulation, your skin may slightly redden, this is normal and is just the blood circulation responding to the brushing.

Shower after dry brushing to refresh your skin! 

Rinse your body brush and dry in the sun after each use.

Material: Bamboo & bamboo bristles
Colour: Natural bamboo
Quantity: 1 x Bamboo Body Brush