Exfoliating Mitt

Exfoliating Mitt

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Perfect for hard to reach places including your back, shoulders and neck, our Exfoliating Mitt cleanses and refreshes skin whilst gently lathering your favourite body wash onto your skin.

nontre's tips for using your exfoliating mitt:

Always wet your skin first - we love using our mitt in the shower!

Slip the mitt on your hand and squeeze a small amount of your favourite body wash onto the mitt.

As you start to massage your skin, it will create a lather, making it easy to cleanse your body whilst gently exfoliating.

Rinse off and feel the difference of smooth, silky skin! 

Always rinse your mitt after each use and dry in the sun*.

 *Wash your mitt before first use, either in the washing machine on a delicate cycle or by hand.

Material: 100% Cotton Ramie
Colour: Natural 
Quantity: 1 x Cotton Ramie Mitt