Face & Body Milk

Face & Body Milk

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Say hello to gorgeous, glowing skin with our Miracle Glow Face & Body Milk!

Lightly scented with Jasmine & Rose, this 100% natural blend of pure shea butter and essential oils is gentle enough for the face* and body, hydrating and smoothing your skin.

Apply to face* and body, morning and night, and let this beautiful milk absorb before massaging into skin.

Why use nontre's Jasmine & Rose Miracle Glow Milk?

  • 100% natural
  • Essential oils and shea butter hydrate and smooth skin
  • Provides superior dry skin relief 
  • Revitalises and firms the skin, enhancing your natural glow 

* For sensitive skin, always patch test first on a small area of your skin.

Quantity: 1 x 200mL container of Jasmine & Rose Miracle Glow Milk