Organic Spaghetti

Organic Spaghetti

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Organic Spaghettini #1 350g

Ogilvie & Co. Traditional

Ogilvie & Co Pasta Range is focused on offering you apremium quality product, made with attention to detail in the traditional way.With 100% Australian organic durum wheat and purified water,our pasta is extruded through bronze dies and slowly air dried to achieve arustic quality which marries with your chosen sauce perfectly. Certifiedorganic and made with no chemicals or preservatives, our artisan range willhelp you create restaurant quality dishes at home within minutes. Traditionally served with tomato based sauces, The delicate strands of this pasta make it anideal match for simple, quick sauces. It is superb tossed through a goodquality EVOO with garlic and parmesan, or used in a carbonara with crisppancetta and egg. Try serving with fresh shellfish and Sensational Pasta Sauce with Sambuca & Fennel for an unforgettable marinara.